Overdue or Over The Top?

Men and women can now get officially married in church. Hasn’t it been like this for centuries? Well…we actually mean man/ man and woman/woman. The Rheinische Evangelical Kirche is the second church group in Germany to allow same-sex marriage. The majority voted for the change. Until recently the churches could bless the partnership in a service from now on they will hold an officially wedding ceremony. Also former blessing ceremonies will be legitimized as well.
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Visitors astonished by unique illustrated Bible

Utterly amazing, incredible or simply WOW. That basically sums up the Mission Net Congress #MNC2015 attendees’ reactions.

Almost 2,500 people from 50 nations came together. They were prepared for 5 days of singing, talking, dancing, and having fun. As well as finding out how to stay connected with God, the world and others. They were NOT prepared, however, what they saw themselves confronted with in one of the halls.

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