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Experience the entire Old and New Testaments in 3,333 hand-painted illustrations. For the first time, you can experience a visual narrative of the Bible interactively on your mobile device. The Wiedmann Bible shows the Old and New Testament in 3,333 illustrations. You can also switch on commentary by artist Willy Wiedmann.

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The Wiedmann Bible will stay in the USA!

The Wiedmann Bible exhibition extended until September 8th

Initially, the Wiedmann Bible was supposed to be showcased at the Museum of the Bible until April. However, the visitors have been so amazed and excited that the exhibition will stay open until September 8th. On the Museum of the Bible’s 5th floor, you can experience the Wiedmann Bible in the immersive room, through the interactive kiosk or learn more about the artists Willy Wiedmann. 

Amy Van Dyke is the Lead-Curator at the Museum of the Bible. She says this visual narrative of the Bible has changed history. 

Get your tickets now: https://www.museumofthebible.org/tickets

Pope Francis receives unique Bible translation from Germany

What an exciting day…

Faith can move mountains. In this case, the saying goes even beyond death. At the general audience, in the audience hall Paul VI in Rome, Pope Francis received the number ONE of the limited Wiedmann Bible ART edition on February 20th. The original is worldwide unique. It is a visual narrative of the Bible depicting the Old and New Testament in 3,333 illustrations. A printed copy of the special ART-Edition was gifted by the son of the artist, Martin Wiedmann.

Source: Servizio Fotografico Vaticano – S.F.V.

“It was overwhelming. I stood in the Prima Fila (1st row). I have never been so full of anticipation in my life. Pope Francis listened attentively to Martin telling the Wiedmann Bible’s story and was very enthusiastic about the work. My father worked long and hard on this Bible. Even in times when he was seriously ill. His faith strengthened him and never let him give up his hope that his Bible will be published one day,” says Martin Wiedmann.


However, Willy Wiedmann (1929-2013) did not know back then that his son would be the one taking on this mission. He discovered the Bible with its 3,333 paintings in the attic of his father’s gallery. He digitized the illustrations and first published virtual versions of the Bible. In cooperation with the German Bible Society and the renowned photographer and designer Manfred Rieker, the Wiedmann Bible was published as a print edition for the first time in February 2018. The limited ART-Edition contains all illustrations of the original. Comments as well as a biography of the artist and various bible verses from the revised Luther Bible 2017 complement the images. The golden edition is limited to 333 copies, the red and black edition to 3,000.


By now, among others, the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, the Bavarian State Library in Munich, the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar, the Bible Museum bibliorama in Stuttgart and the largest bible museum in the world, the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. (USA), added the Wiedmann Bible ART edition to their inventory. If and where the Wiedmann Bible ART-Edition will be showcased in the Vatican is not yet known.

Intriguing artwork

It is different, it is colourful, it is challenging, as well as old and new at the same time. Visitors are intrigued by Willy Wiedmann’s artwork at the Museum of the Bible. Because this exhibition is different from others. The museum’s Lead Curator Amy Van Dyke will tell you why!

Meet Martin Wiedmann at the Museum of the Bible

After 16 years of work, Willy Wiedmann completed the only existing visual narrative of the entire Old and New Testament. It contains 3,333 images in 19 leporellos (or accordion-style books) with a total length of nearly one mile. Willy Wiedmann combined his love of the Bible with his love of art. You can see the story of this unique artwork at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. where it is currently on display. In December Martin will return to tell his story of how he discovered something that had been hidden for years and even decades.


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They did not expect to see something like this…

Art and Bible – Bible and Art….Other’s have done it before but the very first visitors of the Wiedmann Bible exhibition at the Museum of the Bible in Washington were not prepared for what they saw. They were in awe, impressed or moved to tears – even Martin Wiedmann himself.

“When I arrived on Monday and saw how beautifully everything was set up, I had tears in my eyes. The entire team of the Museum of the Bible did an amazing job. My father would have been to happy to see that his life’s work will finally help people engage with the Bible”.

Within the first two days hundreds of visitors have seen the exhibition. They were so kind to share their experience with us.

Nancy wrote: “I am amazed and fascinated by Willy Wiedmann’s astonishing life, talents and accomplishments, especially his Bible illustrations. He’s more than a 21st century Leonardo da Vinci given that he was also a musician and composer, author and publisher. What is even more impressive is that his son Martin, […] and his family were able to figure out how to publish Willy’s uniquely beautiful, illustrated Bible, and then merchandise, market and get it exhibited at the Museum of the Bible here in Washington.”

Kathleen wrote: “Thank you for sharing yours and your father’s amazing story with us. We couldn’t wait to recommend the exhibition to all of our friends. We look forward to keeping up with the collection and it’s journey. We wish you the best!”

Follow us on a short walk through:

Are you bored with Bible Study?

In 2013 Today’s Christian Women’s editor Kelli B. Trujillo brings up a topic  to which some of us can relate to: “Bored with Bible Study?“  Trujillo wants to know if anyone has ever been in a small group meeting where either no one talks or the opposite, one person does all the talking, and wished that it would be more exciting.

Even she has to confess that some times she had been bored as well but at the same time also gives great advice on how to take Bible Study to the next level. Because it is not supposed to feel like being back at school but should encourage people to want to engage with the Bible, right?

In 2013, however, the Wiedmann Bible was not discovered yet and still kept hidden in an attic in Germany. In 3,333 images it depicts the complete Old and New Testament. Meaning: You can experience the Word of God visually which brings more dynamics into your study group.

You can either discuss what you see and use the Scriptures afterwards or atthe same time. It is absolutely up to you. You can either use the App or even enter the Garden of Eden through the Virtual Reality. Our mission is to engage more people in studying the Bible.

Did you know that you can use the Wiedmann Bible’s images at no costs at your church or Bible Study once you have downloaded the app? You can even share them on Social Media. What are you waiting for?

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Read the full article by Kelli B. Trujillo here: Bored with Bible Study?

A world record for the Wiedmann Bible

It is official! The Wiedmann Bible has set world record.  More than half a year organisers and participants have been waiting for the result to come back. The Guinness World Record Team now confirmed that the Wiedmann Bible, featuring  a surface of ​​645.2 square meters, is now officially the world’s largest concertina book.

“We are very happy about the news. The world record attempt in Magdeburg was a wonderful experience with many unforgettable encounters. We not only want to thank the organisers reformation2017, the Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Magdeburg and the Ottostadt Magdeburg, but also to the hundreds of volunteers,“ said Martin Wiedmann, son of the deceased artist.

On 7 May 2017, the Kirchentag was launched in Magdeburg (Germany) with a world record attempt. Over a distance of 1517 meters, more than 500 volunteers showcased the Wiedmann Bible for the first time in its entire length long the Elbe. Originally the organisers aimed to break the record for the world’s longest Bible. Since this category does not exist, however, the Guinness World Record team offered the record for the largest concertina book.

The Wiedmann Bible is Bible and art at the same time. It depicts the complete Old and New Testament in 3,333 hand-painted images. The artist behind this work is Willy Wiedmann. He worked on it for 16 years. Unfortunately, he could not publish the Bible during his lifetime. The reason: The technology was not yet advanced enough to convert such a mammoth work into a portable form. After Wiedmann’s death, his son Martin discovered the Bible in the attic and decided to face the challenge of fulfilling his father’s dream. He had all the pictures scanned. Meanwhile, a digital bible world has been created with virtual reality, an app and a touchscreen terminal. In February, the Wiedmann Bible will be published as a book for the first time as an exclusive and limited ART-Edition in cooperation with the German Bible Society.

The Wiedmann Bible illuminates 50 Monuments in the US

Press Release:

Stuttgart(Germany)/Zurich(Switzerland)/USA, September 12th 2017. Starting September 16th 2017 the Wiedmann Bible will be part of the “Light Art Grand Tour USA”. For the next 3 years the world-renowned Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter will travel all 50 states of the U.S. and put different landmarks into spotlight that have played an important role in the country’s history.

Pennsylvania’s Washington Crossing at Washington Crossing is the first of 50 monuments that will be illuminated with the Wiedmann Bible’s images and many other artworks. The Swiss Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter and his daughter Céline Hofstetter present the tour throughout the U.S. in partnership with the premier event company Hayes Group. In a 2-hour performance the Light Artist and his team will transform buildings, landscapes, etc. into art sculptures by projecting up to 20 images onto the landmarks. Each monument that is being featured in this one of a kind show has played an important role during the foundation of the United States of America and still does in fostering friendships with other countries, including Switzerland.

The Wiedmann Bible is an amazing artwork broadcasting its message through images and therefore a perfect match for this extraordinary performance“, states Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter.

The Wiedmann Bible depicts the complete Old and New Testament in 3,333 images and was painted by the German artist Willy Wiedmann. He always wanted for his Bible to become accessible to all people around the world. Because certain technologies were not readily available, Wiedmann was not able to publish it during his lifetime. He therefore kept it hidden in his gallery’s attic where it slipped into obscurity until his son revealed the artwork in 2013. He took on the task to carry on his father’s mission.

Being part of this amazing Light Art Grand Tour is another step within the process of making the Wiedmann Bible accessible to everyone and by that engaging them more with the Bible”, says Martin Wiedmann.

Since its discovery Martin Wiedmann and his family have created a multimedia Bible experience, including a virtual reality, an interactive kiosk, and an app.

About the Wiedmann Bible:

The Wiedmann Bible contains 19 books and is bound in a concertina folder with a total length of almost 1 mile. The German artist Willy Wiedmann worked on it for 16 years (1984 –2000). He created the Bible in his Polycon Painting Style – blended picture sequences illustrating the Bible stories consecutively. Willy Wiedmann was multi-talented. He worked as a painter, muralist, sculptor, musician, composer, writer, author, publisher, and art dealer. In 2002, he received the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon for his outstanding engagement in art and culture.

For more information visit: www.thewiedmannbible.com or our electronic press-kit.

Contact the Wiedmann Bible:

Email: press@thewiedmannbible.com

About Gerry Hofstetter:

Gerry Hofstetter is a world-renowned Light Artist from Switzerland. He lives and works in Zumikon, Switzerland and Los Angeles, USA. With his international company in Switzerland, he is specialized in light art, communications, events, design and film productions. He is the innovator of light art and transforms, together with his daughter Céline Hofstetter of Hofstetter Inc. Los Angeles, buildings, monuments, and natural landscapes around the world into temporary works of art with his spectacular light projections.

For more information visit: www.grandtour-usa.ch or www.hofstetter.la

Contact Gerry Hofstetter:

Email: g.hofstetter@hofstetter-marketing.com

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The Wiedmann Bible on the Chris Voss Show

He is one of the Top 20 Social Media Power Influencers on the latest Forbes list and he also had his “Wiedmann Bible moment”. That’s why Chris Voss decided to talk about this amazing artwork on his show. In case you have missed it you can either listen to the podcast on: iTunes and Google Play or watch it on YouTube.

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Simply Amazing – DEKT 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore we simply want to share these wonderful impressions of the Kirchentag in Berlin and Wittenberg with you.