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Experience the entire Old and New Testaments in 3,333 hand-painted illustrations. For the first time, you can experience a visual narrative of the Bible interactively on your mobile device. The Wiedmann Bible shows the Old and New Testament in 3,333 illustrations. You can also switch on commentary by artist Willy Wiedmann.

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Illegal Bible Prints

The World's Longest Painted Bible

Printing the Holy Scriptures is considered being illegal? Well not anymore but in old colonial America it was. The British government regulated the printing in the English language very strictly. ThereforeBibles had to be imported from Britain. One was only allowed to print it if they had a license from the king. Those licenses, however, were only granted to three institutions: Oxford and Cambridge University press and a printer in Scotland.

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Did You Know?

Interesting Facts about The World’s Longest Painted Bible:

3,333 Images does “The Wiedmann Bible” include.

9,13 Years will it take for you to share the complete “Wiedmann Bible” with  friends and family until you start from the beginning, if you send one picture per day.

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The world’s longest painted Bible unveiled

For decades the world’s longest painted Bible was hidden in an archive – now it will be released for the very first time.

Jesus was light and dark skinned at the same time. A pretty unusual statement, and some might disagree. However, this is exactly what this Bible is all about. It shows that the Holy Scriptures are supposed to be for everyone, and not to segregate humans! ” The Wiedmann Bible” is free of typical stereotypes. So forget what you have learned about the Bible so far.
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