The British Library gives greatest treasure away

Ok…it will only be temporarily.

However, the fact is that one of the world’s most important books will go to the British Museum. The Codex Sinaiticus has only been lent once before, in 1990,  also to the British Museum.

This time it will be part of an exhibition exploring 1,200 years of Christian, Islamic and Jewish faith in Egypt after the pharaohs.

Codex Sinaiticus is dating back to the 4th century AD, shortly after the reign of the Emperor Constantine the Great, and contains the earliest complete manuscript of the New Testament. It is handwritten in Greek by four different scribes (the number has never been confirmed) and contains some 27,000 corrections. It is, however, still a very fine book despite the activity going on between lines, and all over the place.
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Christianity Boom in Cuba leads to Bible Crisis

While the media reports that Christianity in is declining quite the opposite currently happens in Cuba. In the communist-ruled country Christianity is booming. Media list several indicators to support their conclusion. One is the continuing inflow of Bibles. In July alone Christian Today states that some 83,000 copies were distributed to the churches in the country.

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