Historic Event in Washington

Museum of the Bible to Unfold Mile-Long Wiedmann Bible on the National Mall

Press Release by Museum of the Bible

Washington, May 8, 2019 – Museum of the Bible announces plans to unfold the nearly mile-long Wiedmann Bible facsimile along the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, June 1, 2019, from 8 a.m.-noon. This event will be the first complete unveiling of the Wiedmann Bible in the United States and will require the assistance of 1,000 volunteers to unfold and hold the artifact. Volunteers will receive a commemorative T-shirt and free general admission to Museum of the Bible.

“Museum of the Bible is honored to be part of this historic event,” said museum president and CEO Ken McKenzie. “The Wiedmann Bible exhibit is one of the most popular at the museum, and yet, you can’t truly understand the artifact’s uniqueness until you see just how long it is. I encourage everyone who is able to literally reach out their hands and join me in making history on June 1.”

About The Wiedmann Bible:

The Wiedmann Bible is a continuous illustrated narrative of the Christian Bible. Containing 3,333 images and stretching 1,170 meters, it is the longest illustrated Bible ever created.

German artist Willy Wiedmann spent 16 years creating this Bible in his own unique style, called Polycon. This style was greatly influenced by his lifelong love of music, as well as by some of the major 20th-century, European, avant-garde movements such as Surrealism, Dadaism, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Wiedmann’s ultimate purpose for his work was simple: to engage people visually with the Bible. The original Wiedmann Bible is on display now at Museum of the Bible through September 8, 2019.

 The Wiedmann Bible was unfolded for the first time along the Elbe shore in Magdeburg, Germany, resulting in a new world record for the largest concertina book.

 “I am overwhelmed with joy. The Lincoln Memorial has been the site of many important historical events. Showing this unique visual narrative of the Bible here makes my heart overflow with gratitude,” says the artist’s son Martin Wiedmann. “When my father wanted to publish his work, he was rejected so many times. However, he never gave up. He said that God’s wisdom gave him the chance to finish what he started, and he believed that this work needed to be shared. Even if it did not happen until decades later. I am very thankful to the Museum of the Bible for making this possible.”
To Volunteer:

Museum of the Bible seeks volunteers to participate in this historic event. Each volunteer will hold up a section of the Wiedmann Bible until the entire Bible is displayed around the Reflecting Pool. This process will then be reversed to carefully return the Bible back into its container. Volunteers are encouraged to wear comfortable footwear. Register to volunteer here.

Heather Cirmo – Acting Director of Communications

Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible.

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German Bible Society to publish unique illustrated Bible

3,333 Bible illustrations by Willy Wiedmann depicting the Old and New Testament in two volumes

THE WIEDMANN BIBLE Art EditionThe Wiedmann Media AG and the German Bible Society will publish a one of a kind Bible Art-Edition by the end of 2017.  It depicts the complete Old and New Testament in 3,333 images and was painted by the German artist Willy Wiedmann.

The limited Art-Edition will be published in two volumes, containing a total of 1,740 pages, and in the colors white, cardinal-red, black, and gold. The images are complemented by the artist’s comments on his work as well as Bible verses from the revised Luther Bible 2017 from the German Bible Society.

“My father’s dream will finally come true: Making THE WIEDMANN BIBLE accessible to everyone. We could not have asked for a better partner as a distributor than the German Bible Society”, says Martin Wiedmann, son of the deceased artist.

Willy Wiedmann always wanted for his Bible to become accessible for Christians around the world. Because certain technologies were not readily available, he was not able to publish it during his lifetime. He therefore buried his vision and kept his Bible hidden in his gallery’s attic where it slipped into obscurity until his son revealed the artwork in 2014.

TWB Kunst-Edition Seite 46-47

“…I felt that my work gave them something special and cause a feeling of content and even some kind of happiness. Ergo my conscious told me, if only these few people already benefited from my work why shouldn’t all Christians?” From Willy Wiedmann’s Bible Journal.

In order to make this project happen, Martin Wiedmann will produce this unique Art-Edition while the German Bible Society will be responsible for copy editing as well as distribution and sales. “THE WIEDMANN BIBLE is a very impressive artwork. It visually encourages people to engage with the Bible’s content actively. We are very pleased to include this unique book into our repertoire”, says Reiner Hellwig, the German Bible Society’s Chief Operating Officer.

4 colors art-editionThe limited Art-Edition will be published in German. You can reserve your copy on THE WIEDMANN BIBLE’s website. Editions in English and Spanish will follow after the initial German publication.

“THE WIEDMANN BIBLE is another step for our mission foundation: Disseminating the Bible and the opportunity of education with the help of it. Since THE WIEDMANN BIBLE depicts the complete Old and New Testament in images it speaks all languages”, says Horst Scheurenbrand, Director of International Programs of the German Bible Society.

In May THE WIEDMANN BIBLE started supporting the United Bible Societies’ project which helps people learn how to read and write by means of the Bible. Parts of the proceeds will be donated towards this project. Other parts will be used towards the distribution of THE WIEDMANN BIBLE to make it accessible to everyone.

ONLY 3,333 copies will be available. Reserve your personal copy today! Click HERE

TWB Kunst-Edition Seite 34-35


THE WIEDMANN BIBLE was illustrated by the artist Willy Wiedmann. In 3.333 illustrations the complete Old Testament and New Testament is depicted in the format of a concertina folder. For 16 years (1984 – 2000) Willy Wiedmann worked on this Bible. He created it in his Polycon Painting Style. His work has a total length of approximately 1 mile.

For more Information visit: www.thewiedmannbible.com

About the German Bible Society:

The Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society) is a not-for-profit religious foundation. It is engaged in translation of the Scriptures, the development and dissemination of innovative Bible editions, and in giving all people access to the message of the Bible. It bears international responsibility for scholarly Bible editions in the original languages. Through its international programs, in collaboration with other members of the United Bible Societies, it supports translation and distribution of the Bible worldwide, so that everyone can read the Bible in their own language.

For more Information visit: www.die-bibel.de/en

Press: 1 Mile of Art

Church TV: Press: 1 Mile of Art

The artist Willy Wiedmann has been working on his unique life’s work for 16 years: the only known Bible depicting the complete Old and New Testament in images. Nobody knew anything about it for the longest time. His son Martin discovered the Bible in the attic after his father’s passing. Parts of the Wiedmann Bible were displayed in the Paulus Church in Stuttgart in March. This was also the place where Willy Wiedmann got the idea for his Bible.

Source: Kirchenfernsehen.de by Evangelisches Medienhaus

The British Library gives greatest treasure away

Ok…it will only be temporarily.

However, the fact is that one of the world’s most important books will go to the British Museum. The Codex Sinaiticus has only been lent once before, in 1990,  also to the British Museum.

This time it will be part of an exhibition exploring 1,200 years of Christian, Islamic and Jewish faith in Egypt after the pharaohs.

Codex Sinaiticus is dating back to the 4th century AD, shortly after the reign of the Emperor Constantine the Great, and contains the earliest complete manuscript of the New Testament. It is handwritten in Greek by four different scribes (the number has never been confirmed) and contains some 27,000 corrections. It is, however, still a very fine book despite the activity going on between lines, and all over the place.

In 1933 the Codex Sinaiticus was bought from the Soviet Union.

Dr. Scot McKendrick, head of western manuscripts at the Library, told The Guardian: “Since it arrived in the 1930s it has always been one of the greatest treasures in the collection.”

Since 2009 the codex has been made available in an online version.

The reason for that is simple. The Museum wanted to make it accessible for as many people as possible that are not able to see it in person. The very same reason why Willy Wiedmann’s son took on the mission to digitalize „The Wiedmann Bible“. It is surely not the world’s oldest but definitely the world’s longest painted Bible. With a total length of a little over mile, it is hard to be fit into a bag. Therefore an online version has been made available which you can find here: The Wiedmann Bible