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Did art thieves steal this 380 year old Bibel?

Did art thieves steal this 380 year old Bibel?

German police of Luebeck state the Luther Bible from 1634 was found during a search. The authorities, however, are not willing to share much more information since this leather bound book is considered evidence in an ongoing investigation.

Fact is: Experts have not seen this rare piece of Christian art for over 20 years. According to an imprint it was published by Stern’sche-Verlag in Lueneburg. Authorities also found a hand-written note on the inside cover.

Polizeifund- 380 Jahre alte Luther Bibel

The owner is still unknown. Did art thieves steal the Bibel or was it just a coincidence it was at the scene? Questions the police might be able to answer soon. Story to be continued.

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