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Longest Bible Makes History

Art and Theology united in Washington D.C. Event

Simply breathtaking! That sums the unfolding of the Wiedmann Bible up pretty well. Over 400 volunteers came together on June 1st to hold this German masterpiece created by Willy Wiedmann.

Hundrets of people came to see what this event was about and were amazed by the artwork and the story.  The Wiedmann Bible was unfolded for the very first time in the US at the historic Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. The event was arganized by the Museum of the Bible and Martin Wiedmann, the artist’s son.

“I would like to thank the Museum of the Bible and all the volunteers for their amazing help and outstanding engagement. It was an incredible experience,” says Martin Wiedmann. “You can’t put it into words. To see my father’s work in this historic place. The people’s reaction was overwhelming. Some even had tears in their eyes. That only encourages me to continue my mission.”

But what are we writing… see for yourself!

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The Wiedmann Bible illuminates 50 Monuments in the US

Press Release:

Stuttgart(Germany)/Zurich(Switzerland)/USA, September 12th 2017. Starting September 16th 2017 the Wiedmann Bible will be part of the “Light Art Grand Tour USA”. For the next 3 years the world-renowned Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter will travel all 50 states of the U.S. and put different landmarks into spotlight that have played an important role in the country’s history.

Pennsylvania’s Washington Crossing at Washington Crossing is the first of 50 monuments that will be illuminated with the Wiedmann Bible’s images and many other artworks. The Swiss Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter and his daughter Céline Hofstetter present the tour throughout the U.S. in partnership with the premier event company Hayes Group. In a 2-hour performance the Light Artist and his team will transform buildings, landscapes, etc. into art sculptures by projecting up to 20 images onto the landmarks. Each monument that is being featured in this one of a kind show has played an important role during the foundation of the United States of America and still does in fostering friendships with other countries, including Switzerland.

The Wiedmann Bible is an amazing artwork broadcasting its message through images and therefore a perfect match for this extraordinary performance“, states Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter.

The Wiedmann Bible depicts the complete Old and New Testament in 3,333 images and was painted by the German artist Willy Wiedmann. He always wanted for his Bible to become accessible to all people around the world. Because certain technologies were not readily available, Wiedmann was not able to publish it during his lifetime. He therefore kept it hidden in his gallery’s attic where it slipped into obscurity until his son revealed the artwork in 2013. He took on the task to carry on his father’s mission.

Being part of this amazing Light Art Grand Tour is another step within the process of making the Wiedmann Bible accessible to everyone and by that engaging them more with the Bible”, says Martin Wiedmann.

Since its discovery Martin Wiedmann and his family have created a multimedia Bible experience, including a virtual reality, an interactive kiosk, and an app.

About the Wiedmann Bible:

The Wiedmann Bible contains 19 books and is bound in a concertina folder with a total length of almost 1 mile. The German artist Willy Wiedmann worked on it for 16 years (1984 –2000). He created the Bible in his Polycon Painting Style – blended picture sequences illustrating the Bible stories consecutively. Willy Wiedmann was multi-talented. He worked as a painter, muralist, sculptor, musician, composer, writer, author, publisher, and art dealer. In 2002, he received the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon for his outstanding engagement in art and culture.

For more information visit: www.thewiedmannbible.com or our electronic press-kit.

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About Gerry Hofstetter:

Gerry Hofstetter is a world-renowned Light Artist from Switzerland. He lives and works in Zumikon, Switzerland and Los Angeles, USA. With his international company in Switzerland, he is specialized in light art, communications, events, design and film productions. He is the innovator of light art and transforms, together with his daughter Céline Hofstetter of Hofstetter Inc. Los Angeles, buildings, monuments, and natural landscapes around the world into temporary works of art with his spectacular light projections.

For more information visit: www.grandtour-usa.ch or www.hofstetter.la

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Email: g.hofstetter@hofstetter-marketing.com